Governor Ivey can and should act to protect the 16 babies who will be killed by abortion today in Alabama.  Call her and ask her to implement Proposal 16 today: (334) 242-7100.



Did you know that every governor since Roe v. Wade has had the power and obligation to defend innocent human life in Alabama and prevent the murder of Alabama babies?  Governors haven't stepped in, either because they aren't pro-life or they fear physical or economic reprisal from the Federal government.  No more. 

Just like former President Obama refused to enforce federal marijuana law, we believe President Trump will hold back his hand from enforcing the unjust federal abortion rulings in the States.

Now is the time to send the faulty premises of Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history, end the barbarous practice of abortion, allow women to be the mamas their babies need, and give every human being their God-given and constitutional right to life.

Eighty percent of Alabamians are pro-life but, only one percent choose to act on their convictions. What are you doing with your pro-life convictions today? Would you join Proposal 16?
— Matt Blocher, Director of Church Relations

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