What Inspired Me from the Proposal 16 Summit

On July 15th, we gathered to focus on the issue of abortion and explain how Proposal 16 can end it. 

As a first-term state legislator from South Carolina, the Proposal 16 summit inspired me to find creative ways to stand for what is right.  Each of the speakers brought home this point in a unique way.  

Sam McLure reminded us that we have a tiered system with vertical checks and balances between states and the Federal government, not just separation of powers horizontally.  We must not fall for the lie that states must do anything the Federal government says.  There's a time to "just say No."  And if we will not say No on the killing of children, what more grevious point then exists where the line should be drawn?  Mr. McLure showed that states must find ways to reject unconstitutional and immoral mandates such as abortion.  This stand will require enforcement capacity - which means we need courageous leaders, both in statewide government and in local communities, who won't back down.

Ben DuPre gave us a series of examples of how Justice Tom Parker on the Alabama Supreme Court has woven abortion issues into other cases involving unborn children.  Justice Parker has not been content to rest easy on the high bench.  Instead, he has used his influence to whittle away at the rationale behind Roe v. Wade and isolate the "right" to abortion as the legal impossibility that it is.  Mr. DuPre challenged attendees of the summit to practice "creative constitutionalism" in the same vein as Justice Parker, not merely believing the right principles but being proactive to shine the light of those principles.

Maggie Ford presented a stirring review of the true source of the abortion problem: rebellion against God.  In fighting to end abortion, we are really fighting for God's design against the self-centeredness and pride of our culture.  Abortion will only be solved by a return to responsibility which requires a heart change in individuals.  Miss Ford gave a powerful reminder that we must rely on God as our strength, and that our personal example and testimony that reflects God's goodness in life will be the ultimate answer to a culture of death.

My faith was strengthened at the Proposal 16 summit, the flames of my love for Christ were fueled, and I was challenged to renew my efforts to defend the lives of unborn children.  I am so grateful for each person who worked to organize this event.  

The Proposal 16 summit was truly a blessing.  I look forward to the next time.  Until then, my prayers and support are with the Proposal 16 team, and I trust yours will be as well.

Josiah Magnuson serves in the South Carolina House of Representatives, representing the 38th district.

Josiah Magnuson serves in the South Carolina House of Representatives, representing the 38th district.

Matt's Statement: Why I Support Proposal 16



I became a lawyer so that I could have the chance to help destroy Roe v. Wade and other blatantly evil and unconstitutional Supreme Court decisions. For years, I thought the problem was that nobody was making the right arguments to the Supreme Court. But the older I’m getting, the more I’m realizing that the problem often is not that many of the justices don’t know the truth, but rather that they know and don’t care. But Proposal 16 proposes a tactic that would force the Supreme Court to care very quickly.

In 1973, the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, which toppled Dred Scott as king of the hill in the battle for the worst Supreme Court decision of all time. Conservatives fought back by trying to appoint more conservative justices to the Court. Yet in 1992, despite having eight justices on the Court that were appointed by Republicans, the Court still upheld Roe in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Since then, conservatives have continued trying to appoint pro-life justices, as they should. However, Roe still reigns, and about 60 million people have been murdered as a result. 

The problem with destroying Roe only through appointing conservative justices is that it does not employ any external checks on Court. Instead, it relies on the good will of the justices to conclude that they do not have the power to force abortion on the entire nation. This notion goes against the biblical understanding that man is naturally sinful and often does not do the right thing of his own accord. As James Madison explained in The Federalist No. 51, this is exactly why we have checks and balances in the first place. 

But there is another way to put the Supreme Court in check. In The Federalist No. 78, Alexander Hamilton argued that the judiciary would always be the “least dangerous” branch of government, reasoning that the judiciary had “neither Force nor Will, but merely judgment; and must ultimately depend upon the aid of the executive arm even for the efficacy of its judgments.” Thus, the Supreme Court must ultimately rely on the President and the governors of the several states to enforce its decisions. If either the President or a governor refused, then the Court could do nothing. Justice Scalia warned the Court in 2015 in his dissent in Obergefell v. Hodges that such a refusal would embarrassingly remind the Court of its own “impotence.” 
Article VI of the Constitution requires both the President and the governors of each state to uphold the Constitution itself, not unconstitutional Supreme Court decisions. Thus, if a Supreme Court decision is completely contrary to the Constitution, then it is not only the right but also the duty of a governor to refuse to enforce that decision. Proposal 16 calls on Alabama’s Governor, Kay Ivey, to do her constitutional duty to refuse to enforce Roe and its murderous progeny. I commend Proposal 16 for its bold and constitutionally sound stand. If this works, then we could see the right to life guaranteed for all unborn children in our state once and for all. 

Matthew Clark is a constitutional attorney at the Foundation for Moral Law, which exists to restore the knowledge of God in law and promote an originalist interpretation of the Constitution. Clark owes everything to his Lord Jesus Christ, who loved him and gave Himself up for him. 

9 Ways Planned Parenthood and Abortion Destroy Women

Planned Parenthood claims to be woman's greatest advocate in the 21st century.  But they aren't.  And there are many reasons why.

1. Planned Parenthood claims to advocate freedom, choice and life to women.   In shocking irony, it is largely responsible for denying and destroying the freedom, choice and life of millions of unborn little women (and men) everyday.  

2. Planned Parenthood usurps God's innate prerogative over life and death.  Like Satan who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden with the prideful glamour of being "as God", Planned Parenthood tells women they have a "choice" to give a baby life or death.   Usurping the prerogative of God is not without serious consequence. 

3. Planned Parenthood systematically works to deny women one of God's greatest blessings.  Children, in Psalm 127, among dozens of other verses, are called a "blessing" and a "reward".  Planned Parenthood began promoting contraception, and has digressed to killing conceived children in the womb.

4. Planned Parenthood lies to women.  About the baby.  About the impact that a murder will have on the mother.  They don't tell women what conscience, technology, and science confirm: it's a living child, with life blood, and every developing organism of a human.  They don't tell women that abortion cuts off that life, stops a beating heart, and dismembers a recognizable human.  They don't tell them about the post-abortion tears, heartbreak, depression, regret, and guilt.  They narrow a woman's option to one thing: abortion.  

5. Planned Parenthood encourages women toward sexual promiscuity long before pregnancy.  By promoting contraceptives, they indirectly teach girls to devalue sexual purity, responsibility, and marriage.  Planned Parenthood forgot Romans 6:23 that says, "the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is in Christ Jesus our Lord".

6. Planned Parenthood enslaves women to a pattern of sin.  They confuse women and give them a single option: murder.  But truth remains: sin can't fix sin.  It is no freedom to be caught in a never-ending cycle.   The Bible teaches that "if the Son [Jesus Christ] sets you free, you will be free indeed." (Galatians 5:1)  No matter the darkness of the situation, trusting God and doing right is always right.

7. Planned Parenthood is waging a war on womanhood.  In another telling irony, Planned Parenthood encourages women to reject the very things that make women, women.  God created woman different from man and one of her most singular, most natural, most miraculous, most beautiful functions, is childbearing.  If God gives her children, those children will be her biggest contributions to society and to the Kingdom of God -- she can invest in a living legacy that will last beyond her death and nurture souls that will live forever.   Abortion puts a fatal period on this opportunity, and opens the door for a lifetime of heartache.

8. Planned Parenthood cheats women into thinking that they can find their life by taking the life of their child. This confronts the paradox of Christianity: "For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?" (Matthew 16:25-26) No woman can find "life" by killing those who get in the way of selfish desires.  Or, she will forfeit her soul. 

9.  Planned Parenthood hates the only Answer to women's real problems.   In this troubled world -- where accidental pregnancies are all too common, where sinful patterns seem normal, where abortion is common, and where so many of us deal with painful pasts and difficult stories -- we need real freedom, real solutions, real truth, and real life.  We need a Rock in the middle of the storm.  We need an Advocate who can bear the penalty our sin deserves.  Planned Parenthood fails to point women to that Rock, that Advocate, Jesus Christ -- the way, the truth, and the life.  In a glorious exchange, "God made Him [Jesus Christ] who had no sin, to be sin for us so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God." He calls on us to believe in Him, to repent of our sin, to cast our burdens down at His feet, and to walk in righteousness.   He can bring this to pass.  He can turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.  He can make streams in the desert.  He can cause blind eyes to see.  He erases the darkest of sins.  And, He can turn a mess into a beautiful story of redemption, forgiveness, and restoration.  

Jesus Christ redeems women, transforms women, gives us real freedom, real worth, real truth and real life. Christ is our greatest Advocate -- on earth and in heaven. 

Maggie Ford is Executive Director of Proposal 16.

Anna's Statement: Why I Support Proposal 16



Why do I support Proposal 16?

I grew up in a conservative home where abortion was wrong and evil. As I got older, I began to think about why it is wrong and evil. Of course, the Bible made it very clear  that children are a wonderful gift from God and murder is absolutely terrible, therefore abortion is proved wrong and evil in the eyes of God. The approval of abortion has never made sense to me, ethically or politically.

Some friends have told me they understand why a non-Christian would get an abortion, but I never agreed. Why would someone ever want to voluntarily lose the life of a child, no matter the circumstance or cause of conception? It is the most innocent form of life; it is the stage of life that is most dependent on the nurture of its mother.

I have had a very good understanding of the ethical reasons abortion is wrong, but it was just recently that I learned why it’s wrong lawfully.

Sam McLure, president of Proposal 16, spoke to my class and opened my eyes to the reasons Alabama does not have to put up with this injustice. He made it so clear and the Proposal actually felt accomplishable.  Ending abortion has never felt possible. I have always felt like it’s something that we are trying to end, but never seem to get close to ending.

But Proposal 16 starts with something small: Alabama. Proposal 16 begins in Alabama, where we have constitutional rights to end this abomination. It starts somewhere smaller than the world. That is how I’ve always felt on the issue of abortion - we are trying to end abortion starting with the whole world which is just not possible.

I support Proposal 16 because the people have a heart for the issue as well as a brain for it. They have a plan and support to back it up. As Christians, we must put our faith in action, along with our knowledge that will support it.

Life and Government


"LISTEN: dead babies are crying for justice."

In the beginning, God.

Everything that came after that was created by Him.  Life.  Breath.  Plants.  Stuff.  Procreation.  Government.  Mental capabilities.  Communication.  Authority and subordination.  

Every idea that exists in the world is a result of God's infinite ability, or either mankind's stewardship or abuse of imputed ability.  Everything that man does either glorifies the character of God and fulfills His purpose for mankind, or spits in the face of His plan and exalts wrong above right.

When it comes to abortion and the greatest evil America faces, people who believe the God of the Bible must acknowledge two things: 1) God authored life and He alone has authority over when it starts and ends, and 2) God created government and all government is accountable to Him.

If we believe these things, then it follows that we'll spend our lives defending other lives, and that we'll demand that our government do the same.

When we die, we are accountable to no God but one.  When we face judgement, it will not be SCOTUS.  When we give an account, what we have will matter much less than what we give.  

Listen: dead babies are crying for justice, for Christians who believe God enough to fight for life and good government.

Proposal 16 exists to defend life and call government to acknowledge their duty.  If you're with us, let us know.

Maggie Ford is Executive Director of Proposal 16 and writes from Montgomery, Alabama

Paul's Statement: Why I Support Proposal 16


Paul's Statement


I support Proposal 16 because God commands civil magistrates to esteem His edicts higher than the edicts of men.

For decades, pro-life leaders have been content to acknowledge federal court decisions that support a woman’s right to an abortion as binding upon the states. They have been pleased with legislators who worked within the limits set by the courts. However, these limits are set in defiance of the Word of God. Therefore, any official who accepts these limits as legitimate is acknowledging that the law of man supersedes the Law of God. Let us look at some examples of what God has called His people to do when rulers have issued unjust decrees.

Pharaoh is one of the most famous Biblical examples of a tyrant. In Exodus chapter 1, he commanded the Hebrew midwives not to help save the lives of any male children. (This is a similar situation to what we find ourselves in today, in which the Federal Courts have said, “Alabama, you may not save the lives of certain children.”) “But the midwives feared God, and did not as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved the men children alive.” Our state has bowed to their murderous decree. We have done this because we have feared their judgments more that the judgments of God. We have feared the loss of money or prestige, rather than the loss of God’s favor. These two female slaves, Shiphrah and Puah, in choosing to fear God rather than man, had more courage before the most powerful man in the world, than the leaders of the state of Alabama have before the Federal government.

Since the midwives would not participate in his infanticides, Pharaoh then commanded that all the male children be thrown into the river. In the second chapter, we read of another pair of slaves, Amram and Jochebed, who “were not afraid of the king's commandment.” Like the midwives, they too refused to kill their child. They did not seek to work within the system, to seek the best possible outcome that Pharaoh would allow. They did not say, “Drowning is such a horrible way to die; will you allow us to swiftly kill him, and then throw him into the water?” But when faced with a similar evil decree, this is exactly what most pro-life Republicans do. Instead of doing what Moses parents did and ignore the unlawful order, they pass dismemberment bans mandating that you kill the child before mutilating him. This is absurd.  A “nicer” murder is still murder! Yet the pro-life leaders cheer and call this progress. This is because they have a fundamental error, and it is this: they esteem the edicts of a human court higher than the edicts of God.

In the tenth chapter of Exodus, Egypt has a new king, but he is just as tyrannical as his predecessor. He too, wants to keep the Hebrews in subjugation. Moses gives him the ultimatum: “Let my people go.” Pharaoh tried a compromise, (you may leave Egypt, but only the men). Moses refused. He tried another, (you may all leave Egypt, but your animals must remain behind). But Moses could not be satisfied with this, because the LORD had commanded nothing less than that all of the House of Jacob should return to Canaan. He responded, “there shall not an hoof be left behind.”

Abortion is immoral in all cases, and must be illegal in all cases.

I support Proposal 16 because it is a movement that seeks to follow the example set by these Hebrews 3,500 years ago. We cannot be content to work within the confines set by SCOTUS; we must ignore them. To be satisfied with incrementalist legislation such as bans of 3rd trimester abortions (because that is as much as SCOTUS allows), would be like the midwives being pleased with Pharaoh because had allowed female children to be spared. We cannot be happy with small concessions. Abortion is immoral in all cases, and must be illegal in all cases. When the federal courts offer to let us save the lives of only certain preborn children, the State of Alabama must refuse and declare with Moses, “there shall not an hoof be left behind.”

Paul Abbott is a member of the Proposal 16 Leadership Team and lives in Fort Payne, Alabama.

Hamilton's Statement: Why I Support Proposal 16

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About 20 years ago, my wife and I were involved in the March for Life in San Diego, California. We were excited to stand on the side of the road in downtown San Diego with thousands of others holding signs and letting those who drove by know that we stood for life.

We didn't do much more however except to continue to vote for pro-life candidates and support pro-life legislation.

Lots of things have changed in 20 years but I have always remained pro-life. I am pro-life because it's clear in Scripture that God created all life, therefore all life belongs to Him. He is the potter and he can do what he likes with the clay. The key however is that it is His creation. No one can harm anything or anyone that belongs to God. To do so, defies the God of the universe.

No one can harm anything or anyone that belongs to God. To do so, defies the God of the universe.


A few years ago, I began watching videos, listening to podcasts and reading articles and blog posts from the leaders of a church in Arizona. A church that was taking the fight for the lives of murdered babies to a new level. The passion I had for the unborn began to grow and I was given the opportunity to go to a conference with those leaders to benefit from training in abortion ministry.

A few weeks before the conference, I attended the Proposal 16 rally in downtown Montgomery and got to hear the message and the meaning of the proposal. I knew that God was bringing this ministry before me in a larger way and I began pursuing with the support of my church leadership an abortion ministry with His Way Community Church.

I support Proposal 16 because it simply says, 16 babies made in the image of God should not be killed everyday in our state. But more than that. The leaders of our state should stand up against the murder of these children. Because it's Alabama law. Because it's the right thing to do. Regardless of what the Federal Government says.

Hamilton Richardson writes from Millbrook, Alabama and is a member of the Proposal 16 Leadership Team.

Life's Miracle and Womens' Rights

You’ve been breathing all day long, and haven’t given one thought to it.  You didn’t wake yourself up.  You didn’t tell yourself to “inhale” then “exhale”.  Without thought, you lived and breathed – because the God who gave you life is faithfully sustaining it.

Life isn’t a decision, and it isn’t a choice.  It’s really a miracle.  In America, it’s also right that no man should take away because our Founding Fathers understood that it is a gift that no man can give.  They recognized that the gift of life comes from God alone, and that all good government must prioritize not just the preservation of liberty to its people, but the defense of the lives of its people.  This defense remains part of government’s duty before God, and this understanding clearly permeates the Declaration of Independence, which says: “All men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” and “to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.”

Life isn’t a decision, and it isn’t a choice. It’s really a miracle. In America, it’s also a right that no man can take away because our Founding Fathers understood that it is a gift that no man can give.


They acknowledged that what God creates, no man nor woman has a right to destroy.  This is where abortion and the women’s rights’ movement converge.

We have this idea in America that a woman’s choices trump everyone’s rights – because of the fact that she is a woman.  We also have this idea that if it’s the “choice” of a woman, there should be no consequences, even if it is a heinous choice.  We’ve heard from marchers on the streets that freedom from consequences is “equality” and “liberty”.  And we’ve heard it oft repeated: “No one can legislate what a woman does with her body.”

I submit that we aren’t talking about a woman’s body when it comes to abortion.  The victim of abortion is not the pregnant woman; it’s a baby inside of her. 

Further, the moment a woman’s rights infringe upon another’s right to life, that woman’s right becomes murder. 

And somehow, it isn’t equality to have male serial killers in prison, while women who have murdered numerous babies roam the streets with signs that say: “My body, my choice.”  If, in Alabama, murder is punishable, is it really equality for a woman to be allowed to murder children without the resulting punishment men face?

How selfish is it for women to destroy the rights of little humans, while marching the streets for their own “right” to blatantly destroy others?  When will we acknowledge that killing babies is not healthcare?  Have any women’s rights’ activists realized that if they continue to kill the next generation, there won’t be any women’s rights’ activists marching next century, because they’re all in dumpsters behind abortion clinics?  And, how long will America remain blind to the terrorism that abortion is and these women’s rights’ activists blind to the self-destructive, oxymoron their agenda is?

I reject the women’s rights’ movement, and I commit to stand for the little women in the womb.  And the little men in the womb.  And the little girls on the streets and the little boys on the streets, who are worth more than the “right” to grow up and murder people without consequences.  They deserve what America is all about, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, and a chance to know the God who not only gave them that, but spoke it into existence when in the beginning He miraculously created mankind.

Maggie Ford is Executive Director of Proposal 16 and writes from Montgomery.

Gabe's Statement: Why I Support Proposal 16


Gabe's Statement


I can hear it now.  Can you hear it?  Listen carefully...  


And in the silence, the unheard cries of millions.  

Out of the millions, I hear the cries of sixteen children murdered every day in my state, sucked or dismembered from the safety of their mother’s womb.  The baby dies at her command, by the knifed hand of a “medical” professional, destroyed in the name of choice, in the chance of saving one’s reputation, in covering the shame that “it” happened.  

Listen, Alabama!  

I’m a young man, having spent all of nineteen years on this earth.  So why do I write? What do young men have to do with abortion?  

Young men have everything to do with abortion.  You see, babies just don’t appear out of nowhere.  They are created out of a specific event -- the marriage union of one man and one woman, ‘till death parts them.  

At least, that’s what it was intended to be.  We see less marriages, high divorce rates, frequent one-night stands, and sixteen children aborted every day in Alabama.  Why?  

Over the last sixty-odd years, behind the strong push of the Sexual Revolution, this nation has cheapened the sexual intimacy found between a husband and a wife.  The decision of Roe v. Wade, coming out of the rise of the Sexual Revolution, has done nothing except to further degrade and even mock that covenant.  

Abortion has given men, especially young, unmarried men, a pathway to give themselves to the lust of their hearts.  The end result of a promiscuous relationship, fornication, or adultery -- that is to say, an unwanted child -- can disappear from a man’s life.  His reputation can remain upheld, his sin hidden, and carefree life continued for a few dollars and no harm to his physical being.  After all, his intention wasn’t to father a child with a girl he wasn’t married to; pregnancy was an “accident.”  It wasn’t supposed to happen.  

By allowing abortion to continue, our legislators, courts, and executive officials continue to condone the irresponsible behavior of our young men in this area.  If that’s the case, then how will implementing Proposal 16 correct the immaturity of our young men while saving lives?

To me, this issue has no gray; it is entirely black and white.  I hate divorce; therefore, I must love marriage.  If I love marriage, then I must love what marriage produces - children.  And so I do.  I love children; therefore, I must hate abortion.  

It goes further than just simple geometry.  I support Proposal 16 because I believe that our government must protect the most fundamental right of all -- life.  I support Proposal 16 because I believe that life is not a morality -- life is a right to every child.  I support Proposal 16 because I believe in courageous fatherhood -- men that remain faithful to one woman, and with her jointly raise the children they are blessed with.  I support Proposal 16 because I believe in responsibility -- a confession that one owns up to his actions, whether they are right or wrong.  

If Governor Ivey or any future Alabama governor were to sign Proposal 16, we might accomplish two things: protecting the innocent lives of the unborn and striking a healthy fear into our young men that following their lustful passions might lead them into a world of responsibility that they aren’t prepared to handle.  

Murder is exactly what it is — ending a life unnaturally, no matter how small that life is, no matter how the situation arose. It falls on a man how that situation came about. It falls on a government to protect life. If a government fails in that area, it falls on the people to hold the government accountable to their responsibility to the people.”

Two wrongs do not make a right.  Aborting children, whether created in marriage or out of wedlock, is not a solution.  Murder is exactly what it is -- ending a life unnaturally, no matter how small that life is, no matter how the situation arose.  It falls on a man how that situation came about.  It falls on a government to protect life.  If a government fails in that area, it falls on the people to hold the government accountable to their responsibility to the people.  

That’s what Proposal 16 is all about.  

Listen, Alabama.  Can you hear it now? 

Gabe Marchio is a student and writes from Auburn, Alabama.