Life's Miracle and Womens' Rights

You’ve been breathing all day long, and haven’t given one thought to it.  You didn’t wake yourself up.  You didn’t tell yourself to “inhale” then “exhale”.  Without thought, you lived and breathed – because the God who gave you life is faithfully sustaining it.

Life isn’t a decision, and it isn’t a choice.  It’s really a miracle.  In America, it’s also right that no man should take away because our Founding Fathers understood that it is a gift that no man can give.  They recognized that the gift of life comes from God alone, and that all good government must prioritize not just the preservation of liberty to its people, but the defense of the lives of its people.  This defense remains part of government’s duty before God, and this understanding clearly permeates the Declaration of Independence, which says: “All men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” and “to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.”

Life isn’t a decision, and it isn’t a choice. It’s really a miracle. In America, it’s also a right that no man can take away because our Founding Fathers understood that it is a gift that no man can give.


They acknowledged that what God creates, no man nor woman has a right to destroy.  This is where abortion and the women’s rights’ movement converge.

We have this idea in America that a woman’s choices trump everyone’s rights – because of the fact that she is a woman.  We also have this idea that if it’s the “choice” of a woman, there should be no consequences, even if it is a heinous choice.  We’ve heard from marchers on the streets that freedom from consequences is “equality” and “liberty”.  And we’ve heard it oft repeated: “No one can legislate what a woman does with her body.”

I submit that we aren’t talking about a woman’s body when it comes to abortion.  The victim of abortion is not the pregnant woman; it’s a baby inside of her. 

Further, the moment a woman’s rights infringe upon another’s right to life, that woman’s right becomes murder. 

And somehow, it isn’t equality to have male serial killers in prison, while women who have murdered numerous babies roam the streets with signs that say: “My body, my choice.”  If, in Alabama, murder is punishable, is it really equality for a woman to be allowed to murder children without the resulting punishment men face?

How selfish is it for women to destroy the rights of little humans, while marching the streets for their own “right” to blatantly destroy others?  When will we acknowledge that killing babies is not healthcare?  Have any women’s rights’ activists realized that if they continue to kill the next generation, there won’t be any women’s rights’ activists marching next century, because they’re all in dumpsters behind abortion clinics?  And, how long will America remain blind to the terrorism that abortion is and these women’s rights’ activists blind to the self-destructive, oxymoron their agenda is?

I reject the women’s rights’ movement, and I commit to stand for the little women in the womb.  And the little men in the womb.  And the little girls on the streets and the little boys on the streets, who are worth more than the “right” to grow up and murder people without consequences.  They deserve what America is all about, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, and a chance to know the God who not only gave them that, but spoke it into existence when in the beginning He miraculously created mankind.

Maggie Ford is Executive Director of Proposal 16 and writes from Montgomery.

Gabe's Statement: Why I Support Proposal 16


Gabe's Statement


I can hear it now.  Can you hear it?  Listen carefully...  


And in the silence, the unheard cries of millions.  

Out of the millions, I hear the cries of sixteen children murdered every day in my state, sucked or dismembered from the safety of their mother’s womb.  The baby dies at her command, by the knifed hand of a “medical” professional, destroyed in the name of choice, in the chance of saving one’s reputation, in covering the shame that “it” happened.  

Listen, Alabama!  

I’m a young man, having spent all of nineteen years on this earth.  So why do I write? What do young men have to do with abortion?  

Young men have everything to do with abortion.  You see, babies just don’t appear out of nowhere.  They are created out of a specific event -- the marriage union of one man and one woman, ‘till death parts them.  

At least, that’s what it was intended to be.  We see less marriages, high divorce rates, frequent one-night stands, and sixteen children aborted every day in Alabama.  Why?  

Over the last sixty-odd years, behind the strong push of the Sexual Revolution, this nation has cheapened the sexual intimacy found between a husband and a wife.  The decision of Roe v. Wade, coming out of the rise of the Sexual Revolution, has done nothing except to further degrade and even mock that covenant.  

Abortion has given men, especially young, unmarried men, a pathway to give themselves to the lust of their hearts.  The end result of a promiscuous relationship, fornication, or adultery -- that is to say, an unwanted child -- can disappear from a man’s life.  His reputation can remain upheld, his sin hidden, and carefree life continued for a few dollars and no harm to his physical being.  After all, his intention wasn’t to father a child with a girl he wasn’t married to; pregnancy was an “accident.”  It wasn’t supposed to happen.  

By allowing abortion to continue, our legislators, courts, and executive officials continue to condone the irresponsible behavior of our young men in this area.  If that’s the case, then how will implementing Proposal 16 correct the immaturity of our young men while saving lives?

To me, this issue has no gray; it is entirely black and white.  I hate divorce; therefore, I must love marriage.  If I love marriage, then I must love what marriage produces - children.  And so I do.  I love children; therefore, I must hate abortion.  

It goes further than just simple geometry.  I support Proposal 16 because I believe that our government must protect the most fundamental right of all -- life.  I support Proposal 16 because I believe that life is not a morality -- life is a right to every child.  I support Proposal 16 because I believe in courageous fatherhood -- men that remain faithful to one woman, and with her jointly raise the children they are blessed with.  I support Proposal 16 because I believe in responsibility -- a confession that one owns up to his actions, whether they are right or wrong.  

If Governor Ivey or any future Alabama governor were to sign Proposal 16, we might accomplish two things: protecting the innocent lives of the unborn and striking a healthy fear into our young men that following their lustful passions might lead them into a world of responsibility that they aren’t prepared to handle.  

Murder is exactly what it is — ending a life unnaturally, no matter how small that life is, no matter how the situation arose. It falls on a man how that situation came about. It falls on a government to protect life. If a government fails in that area, it falls on the people to hold the government accountable to their responsibility to the people.”

Two wrongs do not make a right.  Aborting children, whether created in marriage or out of wedlock, is not a solution.  Murder is exactly what it is -- ending a life unnaturally, no matter how small that life is, no matter how the situation arose.  It falls on a man how that situation came about.  It falls on a government to protect life.  If a government fails in that area, it falls on the people to hold the government accountable to their responsibility to the people.  

That’s what Proposal 16 is all about.  

Listen, Alabama.  Can you hear it now? 

Gabe Marchio is a student and writes from Auburn, Alabama.

Maggie's Statement: Why I Support Proposal 16

IMG_2711 - Copy.jpg



I'm a woman.  I'm 19.  And I support Proposal 16 to end abortion, because it's well past time to send Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history.

The Proposal 16 movement is the result of swelling outrage against the killing of 16 Alabama babies everyday.  It's based on a simple fact: murder is murder, no matter how small the victim is.  It signals a paradigm shift in the prolife movement, made up of people who, though born into a culture of abortion, are not willing to die in one.

We’re emerging from forty-four years of watching every third woman in the United States choose to kill her baby, while searing her conscience against the grim reality of murder with the excuse of “legality”.  We’re entering the forty-fifth year of watching the legislators and courts and governors who could outlaw abortion fail to do so – turning a deaf ear to truth, ignoring science, and refusing to accept their responsibility to defend the innocent.  Their excuse: “I have no right to dictate what a woman does with her body.”

Their statement holds much cowardice and no truth.  There is no legitimate excuse to do anything but everything in one’s power to end murder.  And it is known that a baby is a separate person, not a woman’s body.

There is no legitimate excuse to do anything but everything in one’s power to end murder.

Proposal 16 exists to cry against the injustice of abortion and demand that our leaders awake to their responsibility.  We’re asking our governor to sign and implement Proposal 16 to end abortion and do something fundamentally American: provide every baby with their God-given and constitutional right to life.

This can happen when we understand that truth supersedes bad laws and wrong court opinions.  We have Jim Crow laws and Fugitive Slave acts to prove that.  Further, the 10th Amendment reserves rights not given to the federal government to the states, including authority over protecting lives.  What’s left is for Alabama to acknowledge the evil of Roe v. Wade, ignore it, and stand up to protect the 16 babies who are being killed.

For Alabama's leaders to permit murder, and refuse to use their rightful authority to end it is the epitome of cowardice.  It caves to a lie that says: "You have no right to dictate what I do with my body," while failing to realize that abortion has less to do with the woman than with a voiceless, defenseless child inside of that woman.  And for us to deny the right to life to the smallest and weakest among us goes beyond the discrimination of the past, and desperately calls for more than a Civil Rights' Movement.  We need a movement for the most basic right of all – life.

There is no excuse for us to keep our heads in the sand.

Maggie Ford is a student in Montgomery, Alabama and Executive Director of Proposal 16.

Press Release: Proposal 16 to Ask Governor Bentley to Issue Executive Order Protecting Human Life; Will Rally Saturday

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MONTGOMERY, AL (March 27, 2017) -- Pro-life Alabamians will rally Saturday, April 1st, on the Dexter stairs of the Alabama State Capitol at 12 noon to petition Governor Bentley to end human abortion by implementing what they call Proposal 16 -- which is the use of executive power to apply Alabama's pro-life laws and defend the 16 human lives who are killed by abortion every day in the State of Alabama.

"It's the dawn of a new day in the pro-life movement," said Samuel McLure, Birmingham attorney and the founder of Proposal 16. "With Proposal 16, pro-life Alabamians have found a tangible way to   act on their principles and ask their Governor to act on his," said McLure.”  Governor Bentley can and should ensure that all human beings under his jurisdiction are given their God-given and Constitutional right to life and there's no good reason for him to refuse."

Organized to reflect the grassroots nature of Proposal 16 speakers will include: Dr. David Bailey (pastor at Cottondale Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Karen Wentworth (Director at Bama Students for Life), Matt Blocher (Construction worker and Director of Church Relations at Proposal 16), Maggie Ford (Community Volunteer and Assistant Media Director at Proposal 16) and Jay Hinton (Montgomery attorney, Eastwood Presbyterian Church).*

"There's no better time to send the death warrant of millions that we call Roe v. Wade to the dark pages of history," McLure said. "It's time to end the barbarous practice of 'legal' abortion, keep providing positive solutions so that women can be the mamas their babies need, and ensure that every innocent human being is guaranteed their God-given and Constitutional right to life."

"We're simply asking Governor Bentley to turn his pro-life words into actions and lead the way forward," McLure said.

*Churches and organizations mentioned for identification purposes only.


Proposal 16 is a draft Executive Order which would mobilize the Executive branch of government to protect the God-given and constitutional right to life of every pre-born person   in Alabama. It's also a grassroots movement asking the Governor of Alabama to implement it.

The movement began late January in the wake of the Republican takeover in Washington D.C.  The movement   has rapidly spread across Alabama, directed thousands of phone calls to Governor Bentley's office, and gained new endorsements with each passing week -- with names such as Rick Burgess from the Rick & Bubba Show.  Find out more at