Press Release: Proposal 16 to Ask Governor Bentley to Issue Executive Order Protecting Human Life; Will Rally Saturday

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MONTGOMERY, AL (March 27, 2017) -- Pro-life Alabamians will rally Saturday, April 1st, on the Dexter stairs of the Alabama State Capitol at 12 noon to petition Governor Bentley to end human abortion by implementing what they call Proposal 16 -- which is the use of executive power to apply Alabama's pro-life laws and defend the 16 human lives who are killed by abortion every day in the State of Alabama.

"It's the dawn of a new day in the pro-life movement," said Samuel McLure, Birmingham attorney and the founder of Proposal 16. "With Proposal 16, pro-life Alabamians have found a tangible way to   act on their principles and ask their Governor to act on his," said McLure.”  Governor Bentley can and should ensure that all human beings under his jurisdiction are given their God-given and Constitutional right to life and there's no good reason for him to refuse."

Organized to reflect the grassroots nature of Proposal 16 speakers will include: Dr. David Bailey (pastor at Cottondale Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Karen Wentworth (Director at Bama Students for Life), Matt Blocher (Construction worker and Director of Church Relations at Proposal 16), Maggie Ford (Community Volunteer and Assistant Media Director at Proposal 16) and Jay Hinton (Montgomery attorney, Eastwood Presbyterian Church).*

"There's no better time to send the death warrant of millions that we call Roe v. Wade to the dark pages of history," McLure said. "It's time to end the barbarous practice of 'legal' abortion, keep providing positive solutions so that women can be the mamas their babies need, and ensure that every innocent human being is guaranteed their God-given and Constitutional right to life."

"We're simply asking Governor Bentley to turn his pro-life words into actions and lead the way forward," McLure said.

*Churches and organizations mentioned for identification purposes only.


Proposal 16 is a draft Executive Order which would mobilize the Executive branch of government to protect the God-given and constitutional right to life of every pre-born person   in Alabama. It's also a grassroots movement asking the Governor of Alabama to implement it.

The movement began late January in the wake of the Republican takeover in Washington D.C.  The movement   has rapidly spread across Alabama, directed thousands of phone calls to Governor Bentley's office, and gained new endorsements with each passing week -- with names such as Rick Burgess from the Rick & Bubba Show.  Find out more at