Life's Miracle and Womens' Rights

You’ve been breathing all day long, and haven’t given one thought to it.  You didn’t wake yourself up.  You didn’t tell yourself to “inhale” then “exhale”.  Without thought, you lived and breathed – because the God who gave you life is faithfully sustaining it.

Life isn’t a decision, and it isn’t a choice.  It’s really a miracle.  In America, it’s also right that no man should take away because our Founding Fathers understood that it is a gift that no man can give.  They recognized that the gift of life comes from God alone, and that all good government must prioritize not just the preservation of liberty to its people, but the defense of the lives of its people.  This defense remains part of government’s duty before God, and this understanding clearly permeates the Declaration of Independence, which says: “All men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” and “to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.”

Life isn’t a decision, and it isn’t a choice. It’s really a miracle. In America, it’s also a right that no man can take away because our Founding Fathers understood that it is a gift that no man can give.


They acknowledged that what God creates, no man nor woman has a right to destroy.  This is where abortion and the women’s rights’ movement converge.

We have this idea in America that a woman’s choices trump everyone’s rights – because of the fact that she is a woman.  We also have this idea that if it’s the “choice” of a woman, there should be no consequences, even if it is a heinous choice.  We’ve heard from marchers on the streets that freedom from consequences is “equality” and “liberty”.  And we’ve heard it oft repeated: “No one can legislate what a woman does with her body.”

I submit that we aren’t talking about a woman’s body when it comes to abortion.  The victim of abortion is not the pregnant woman; it’s a baby inside of her. 

Further, the moment a woman’s rights infringe upon another’s right to life, that woman’s right becomes murder. 

And somehow, it isn’t equality to have male serial killers in prison, while women who have murdered numerous babies roam the streets with signs that say: “My body, my choice.”  If, in Alabama, murder is punishable, is it really equality for a woman to be allowed to murder children without the resulting punishment men face?

How selfish is it for women to destroy the rights of little humans, while marching the streets for their own “right” to blatantly destroy others?  When will we acknowledge that killing babies is not healthcare?  Have any women’s rights’ activists realized that if they continue to kill the next generation, there won’t be any women’s rights’ activists marching next century, because they’re all in dumpsters behind abortion clinics?  And, how long will America remain blind to the terrorism that abortion is and these women’s rights’ activists blind to the self-destructive, oxymoron their agenda is?

I reject the women’s rights’ movement, and I commit to stand for the little women in the womb.  And the little men in the womb.  And the little girls on the streets and the little boys on the streets, who are worth more than the “right” to grow up and murder people without consequences.  They deserve what America is all about, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, and a chance to know the God who not only gave them that, but spoke it into existence when in the beginning He miraculously created mankind.

Maggie Ford is Executive Director of Proposal 16 and writes from Montgomery.