Life and Government


"LISTEN: dead babies are crying for justice."

In the beginning, God.

Everything that came after that was created by Him.  Life.  Breath.  Plants.  Stuff.  Procreation.  Government.  Mental capabilities.  Communication.  Authority and subordination.  

Every idea that exists in the world is a result of God's infinite ability, or either mankind's stewardship or abuse of imputed ability.  Everything that man does either glorifies the character of God and fulfills His purpose for mankind, or spits in the face of His plan and exalts wrong above right.

When it comes to abortion and the greatest evil America faces, people who believe the God of the Bible must acknowledge two things: 1) God authored life and He alone has authority over when it starts and ends, and 2) God created government and all government is accountable to Him.

If we believe these things, then it follows that we'll spend our lives defending other lives, and that we'll demand that our government do the same.

When we die, we are accountable to no God but one.  When we face judgement, it will not be SCOTUS.  When we give an account, what we have will matter much less than what we give.  

Listen: dead babies are crying for justice, for Christians who believe God enough to fight for life and good government.

Proposal 16 exists to defend life and call government to acknowledge their duty.  If you're with us, let us know.

Maggie Ford is Executive Director of Proposal 16 and writes from Montgomery, Alabama