Anna's Statement: Why I Support Proposal 16



Why do I support Proposal 16?

I grew up in a conservative home where abortion was wrong and evil. As I got older, I began to think about why it is wrong and evil. Of course, the Bible made it very clear  that children are a wonderful gift from God and murder is absolutely terrible, therefore abortion is proved wrong and evil in the eyes of God. The approval of abortion has never made sense to me, ethically or politically.

Some friends have told me they understand why a non-Christian would get an abortion, but I never agreed. Why would someone ever want to voluntarily lose the life of a child, no matter the circumstance or cause of conception? It is the most innocent form of life; it is the stage of life that is most dependent on the nurture of its mother.

I have had a very good understanding of the ethical reasons abortion is wrong, but it was just recently that I learned why it’s wrong lawfully.

Sam McLure, president of Proposal 16, spoke to my class and opened my eyes to the reasons Alabama does not have to put up with this injustice. He made it so clear and the Proposal actually felt accomplishable.  Ending abortion has never felt possible. I have always felt like it’s something that we are trying to end, but never seem to get close to ending.

But Proposal 16 starts with something small: Alabama. Proposal 16 begins in Alabama, where we have constitutional rights to end this abomination. It starts somewhere smaller than the world. That is how I’ve always felt on the issue of abortion - we are trying to end abortion starting with the whole world which is just not possible.

I support Proposal 16 because the people have a heart for the issue as well as a brain for it. They have a plan and support to back it up. As Christians, we must put our faith in action, along with our knowledge that will support it.