9 Ways Planned Parenthood and Abortion Destroy Women

Planned Parenthood claims to be woman's greatest advocate in the 21st century.  But they aren't.  And there are many reasons why.

1. Planned Parenthood claims to advocate freedom, choice and life to women.   In shocking irony, it is largely responsible for denying and destroying the freedom, choice and life of millions of unborn little women (and men) everyday.  

2. Planned Parenthood usurps God's innate prerogative over life and death.  Like Satan who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden with the prideful glamour of being "as God", Planned Parenthood tells women they have a "choice" to give a baby life or death.   Usurping the prerogative of God is not without serious consequence. 

3. Planned Parenthood systematically works to deny women one of God's greatest blessings.  Children, in Psalm 127, among dozens of other verses, are called a "blessing" and a "reward".  Planned Parenthood began promoting contraception, and has digressed to killing conceived children in the womb.

4. Planned Parenthood lies to women.  About the baby.  About the impact that a murder will have on the mother.  They don't tell women what conscience, technology, and science confirm: it's a living child, with life blood, and every developing organism of a human.  They don't tell women that abortion cuts off that life, stops a beating heart, and dismembers a recognizable human.  They don't tell them about the post-abortion tears, heartbreak, depression, regret, and guilt.  They narrow a woman's option to one thing: abortion.  

5. Planned Parenthood encourages women toward sexual promiscuity long before pregnancy.  By promoting contraceptives, they indirectly teach girls to devalue sexual purity, responsibility, and marriage.  Planned Parenthood forgot Romans 6:23 that says, "the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is in Christ Jesus our Lord".

6. Planned Parenthood enslaves women to a pattern of sin.  They confuse women and give them a single option: murder.  But truth remains: sin can't fix sin.  It is no freedom to be caught in a never-ending cycle.   The Bible teaches that "if the Son [Jesus Christ] sets you free, you will be free indeed." (Galatians 5:1)  No matter the darkness of the situation, trusting God and doing right is always right.

7. Planned Parenthood is waging a war on womanhood.  In another telling irony, Planned Parenthood encourages women to reject the very things that make women, women.  God created woman different from man and one of her most singular, most natural, most miraculous, most beautiful functions, is childbearing.  If God gives her children, those children will be her biggest contributions to society and to the Kingdom of God -- she can invest in a living legacy that will last beyond her death and nurture souls that will live forever.   Abortion puts a fatal period on this opportunity, and opens the door for a lifetime of heartache.

8. Planned Parenthood cheats women into thinking that they can find their life by taking the life of their child. This confronts the paradox of Christianity: "For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?" (Matthew 16:25-26) No woman can find "life" by killing those who get in the way of selfish desires.  Or, she will forfeit her soul. 

9.  Planned Parenthood hates the only Answer to women's real problems.   In this troubled world -- where accidental pregnancies are all too common, where sinful patterns seem normal, where abortion is common, and where so many of us deal with painful pasts and difficult stories -- we need real freedom, real solutions, real truth, and real life.  We need a Rock in the middle of the storm.  We need an Advocate who can bear the penalty our sin deserves.  Planned Parenthood fails to point women to that Rock, that Advocate, Jesus Christ -- the way, the truth, and the life.  In a glorious exchange, "God made Him [Jesus Christ] who had no sin, to be sin for us so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God." He calls on us to believe in Him, to repent of our sin, to cast our burdens down at His feet, and to walk in righteousness.   He can bring this to pass.  He can turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.  He can make streams in the desert.  He can cause blind eyes to see.  He erases the darkest of sins.  And, He can turn a mess into a beautiful story of redemption, forgiveness, and restoration.  

Jesus Christ redeems women, transforms women, gives us real freedom, real worth, real truth and real life. Christ is our greatest Advocate -- on earth and in heaven. 

Maggie Ford is Executive Director of Proposal 16.