What Inspired Me from the Proposal 16 Summit

On July 15th, we gathered to focus on the issue of abortion and explain how Proposal 16 can end it. 

As a first-term state legislator from South Carolina, the Proposal 16 summit inspired me to find creative ways to stand for what is right.  Each of the speakers brought home this point in a unique way.  

Sam McLure reminded us that we have a tiered system with vertical checks and balances between states and the Federal government, not just separation of powers horizontally.  We must not fall for the lie that states must do anything the Federal government says.  There's a time to "just say No."  And if we will not say No on the killing of children, what more grevious point then exists where the line should be drawn?  Mr. McLure showed that states must find ways to reject unconstitutional and immoral mandates such as abortion.  This stand will require enforcement capacity - which means we need courageous leaders, both in statewide government and in local communities, who won't back down.

Ben DuPre gave us a series of examples of how Justice Tom Parker on the Alabama Supreme Court has woven abortion issues into other cases involving unborn children.  Justice Parker has not been content to rest easy on the high bench.  Instead, he has used his influence to whittle away at the rationale behind Roe v. Wade and isolate the "right" to abortion as the legal impossibility that it is.  Mr. DuPre challenged attendees of the summit to practice "creative constitutionalism" in the same vein as Justice Parker, not merely believing the right principles but being proactive to shine the light of those principles.

Maggie Ford presented a stirring review of the true source of the abortion problem: rebellion against God.  In fighting to end abortion, we are really fighting for God's design against the self-centeredness and pride of our culture.  Abortion will only be solved by a return to responsibility which requires a heart change in individuals.  Miss Ford gave a powerful reminder that we must rely on God as our strength, and that our personal example and testimony that reflects God's goodness in life will be the ultimate answer to a culture of death.

My faith was strengthened at the Proposal 16 summit, the flames of my love for Christ were fueled, and I was challenged to renew my efforts to defend the lives of unborn children.  I am so grateful for each person who worked to organize this event.  

The Proposal 16 summit was truly a blessing.  I look forward to the next time.  Until then, my prayers and support are with the Proposal 16 team, and I trust yours will be as well.

Josiah Magnuson serves in the South Carolina House of Representatives, representing the 38th district.

Josiah Magnuson serves in the South Carolina House of Representatives, representing the 38th district.