Maggie's Statement: Why I Support Proposal 16

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I'm a woman.  I'm 19.  And I support Proposal 16 to end abortion, because it's well past time to send Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history.

The Proposal 16 movement is the result of swelling outrage against the killing of 16 Alabama babies everyday.  It's based on a simple fact: murder is murder, no matter how small the victim is.  It signals a paradigm shift in the prolife movement, made up of people who, though born into a culture of abortion, are not willing to die in one.

We’re emerging from forty-four years of watching every third woman in the United States choose to kill her baby, while searing her conscience against the grim reality of murder with the excuse of “legality”.  We’re entering the forty-fifth year of watching the legislators and courts and governors who could outlaw abortion fail to do so – turning a deaf ear to truth, ignoring science, and refusing to accept their responsibility to defend the innocent.  Their excuse: “I have no right to dictate what a woman does with her body.”

Their statement holds much cowardice and no truth.  There is no legitimate excuse to do anything but everything in one’s power to end murder.  And it is known that a baby is a separate person, not a woman’s body.

There is no legitimate excuse to do anything but everything in one’s power to end murder.

Proposal 16 exists to cry against the injustice of abortion and demand that our leaders awake to their responsibility.  We’re asking our governor to sign and implement Proposal 16 to end abortion and do something fundamentally American: provide every baby with their God-given and constitutional right to life.

This can happen when we understand that truth supersedes bad laws and wrong court opinions.  We have Jim Crow laws and Fugitive Slave acts to prove that.  Further, the 10th Amendment reserves rights not given to the federal government to the states, including authority over protecting lives.  What’s left is for Alabama to acknowledge the evil of Roe v. Wade, ignore it, and stand up to protect the 16 babies who are being killed.

For Alabama's leaders to permit murder, and refuse to use their rightful authority to end it is the epitome of cowardice.  It caves to a lie that says: "You have no right to dictate what I do with my body," while failing to realize that abortion has less to do with the woman than with a voiceless, defenseless child inside of that woman.  And for us to deny the right to life to the smallest and weakest among us goes beyond the discrimination of the past, and desperately calls for more than a Civil Rights' Movement.  We need a movement for the most basic right of all – life.

There is no excuse for us to keep our heads in the sand.

Maggie Ford is a student in Montgomery, Alabama and Executive Director of Proposal 16.